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Astrophotography Gallery

With the pandemic impacting opportunities to serve our clients, that's no reason to stop learning or doing what you love. Since March 2020, I've undertaken the process of learning the art of astrophotography. The technical aspects are mind boggling, as it includes details as minute as compensating for the rotation of the Earth and the mysterious sounding 'plate solving'. I, being no STEM expert, knew this would be a major challenge, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Each final image takes days of preparation, hours of shooting, and extensive stacking and post-production. This series, entitled, "I Need My Space", will be featured both here and on our social media. Please enjoy and show your support by following us on Facebook and Instagram and by sharing any images there that resonate with you! Click on any image to view full size.

North America Nebula
Starry Barn
Andromeda Galaxy
Cuse Moon
Hercules Cluster
Watkins glenn 2017
Eastern Veil Nebula
Harriman State Park
Pleiades Star Cluster
10-Jellyfish Nebula
Eclipse Composite
Milky Way
Rosette Nebula
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